The "Mens Sana" Project

Sailing around the world solo for the forgotten aspect of recovery and life.


My Goal

My goal is to raise money for the charities that has helped my sister in her battle against brain cancer, as well as awareness for the importance of being happy during recovery. You can read more about the charities and their impacts here

There are multiple ways of donating, if you decide to do so. You can donate on the donate page of this site, or you can donate material objects straight to the charity, or even donate your time by volunteering! The details are all listed on the page, and together we can make a real difference. This is an issue that affects more people than most realise, and it is an issue that all of society has to deal with to solve!

The Journey

The trip is a roughly 30,000 Mile (or 50,000 KM) long adventure around the world. Starting officially from Antigua in the Caribbean, through the Panama Canal, to the East & South China Sea, to Bali in Indonesia, either rounding the Cape Of Good Hope, or sail through the Mediterranean. Detail list of stops will be posted soon, and you can track my progress on the online tracker here.


The boat

The boat is a very boaty-boat, that will boat me around the boat land. Manufactured in a boaty place that you have to be over a certain age for me to not be strangled to tell you. It's name is boaty boat.


The Team

Though I am sailing this trip solo, I do have a team of people that helped me and I would not make it to this point without their help.